How are sex and headaches related?

Sex And Headaches

Headaches and excruciating migraine pains can be very daunting. It may kill your desire to have sex due to the fear that you may end up making the pain even worse. But how are sex and headache related? Is there a correlation which explains if sex can worsen headaches or just act as a pleasurable pain-killer?

Turns out, the relationship between sex and headaches is quite debatable. Where some people may feel that sex is the solution for extreme headaches; others may feel that it just increases the intensity of the pain. So here we are, explaining the very unique correlation between sex and headaches.

Sex eases headache

Where you might feel that popping a strong painkiller or applying some essential oils or acupuncture or external therapies might help, there is another cure which can give you pleasure and reduce the pain as well. Of all the remedies available for migraine, this one is going to be the most popular one. You can treat migraine pains with an orgasm!

Biologically, it can be explained by saying that sex releases endorphins in the body, the hormone which can release migraine pain. In a study published in 2001 30% women noticed a reduction in pain and 17.5% of them reported complete elimination of pain.

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Sex causes headache

Some people may experience a reduction in pain with the help of an orgasm; however, some people report an increase in pain due to the excitement they experience during sex. This effect is seen more commonly in men. This pain further intensifies excitement and orgasm.

Some people experience dull ache on both sides of the brain and some experience all over pain. When people get into it with more intensity, they experience extreme headache which eases when they orgasm. This pain is due to the elevated heart rate and blood pressure. However, the pain does not lower for some people due to the muscle tension.

How serious are sex headaches?

Well, they aren’t very serious. However, you must not leave any scope of concern whatsoever. If you have experienced the pain for the first time and have never been to a doctor, then you should do it now. In some cases, sex headaches may risk bleeding in the brain, commonly known as subarachnoid hemorrhage.

These headaches rarely end up in haemorrhage but, if you are experiencing sex headaches too often, it is a reason good enough for you to see a doctor.

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How to cope with sex headaches?

To cope with regular sex headaches, you can consult your doctor. But, there are a number of other techniques of dealing with the same.

1. Make a diary where you note down the triggers of pain and then you can figure out ways to deal with the pain.

2. Consult your doctor and ask about the lifestyle alterations which can reduce the intensity of the pain.

3. Communication with your partner is the key. Talk to your partner about any sort of stress you are dealing with and figure out new intimate techniques of reducing the stress.

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