How to lose belly fat, injecting carbon dioxide into body could be key to weight loss

Want to lose belly fat? If none of your diet or exercise tricks have helped you in weight loss, you could try Carboxytherapy. This non-invasive technique, which involves injecting carbon dioxide gas into your body, claims it can reduce fat around the stomach.

Want to lose belly fat? Try Carboxytherapy, a non-invasive new technique.

Turns out, carbon dioxide may also hold the key to weight loss. Carboxytherapy, the technique of injecting carbon dioxide gas into one’s body, can reduce fat around the stomach, says a study by Northwestern Medicine. However, the study results also showed that the changes were modest and did not result in long-term fat reduction.

“Carboxytherapy could potentially be a new and effective means of fat reduction. It still needs to be optimised, though, so it’s long-lasting,” said lead author, Dr Murad Alam. The benefits of this non-invasive approach are diminished downtime, avoidance of scarring and perceived safety.

Carboxytherapy has been performed with a few clinical studies, suggesting it may provide a lasting improvement in abdominal contours. It is believed that injection of carbon dioxide causes changes in the microcirculation, and damages fat cells. The findings are published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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